LGBT+ History Month – It’s a Sin!

This February, the Pink Singers celebrated LGBT+ History Month 2021 with a series of talks, bringing to the surface the fascinating and diverse experiences of people within the choir, as well as those of the people we have had the pleasure to partner with.

Our third session on 21 February 2021 was themed loosely around the show “It’s A Sin”. Our host Will was joined by Pink Singers from the 80s Rosa and Howard, and Jules, Bruce and Sally-Anne who lived through this tumultuous time.

  • What was it like to leave home and come to London then?
  • What was the scene like and how did people find their chosen family?
  • How did HIV and AIDS affect individuals and communities?

We heard experiences of diagnosis and treatment, of community reaction and resistance, and of recent progress in the management of HIV/AIDS including U=U and PreP.

As part of our charitable aims promoting equality and diversity, the session was recorded and edited and can now be found on our Pink Singers YouTube channel.

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