Pink History with Sue Sanders

This February, the Pink Singers celebrated LGBT+ History Month with a series of talks, bringing to the surface the fascinating and diverse experiences of people within the choir, as well as those of the people we have had the pleasure to partner with.

The first of these talks took place on Sunday 7 February where we were joined by Sue Sanders, the founder of LGBT+ History Month UK, Professor at Emeritus Harvey Milk Institute and Chair of Schools OUT UK. A self-described “dyke from about 18 onwards” she talked about her experiences growing up, why she set up LGBT+ History Month, how it has grown and why it is even more important today. The talk also covered the role models profiled for this years theme ‘Mind, Body & Spirit’

The Pink Singers has had a long history with LGBT+ History Month, having performed at its launch event in 2005 and every year (bar 2020 obvs!) since, so Sue is a very familiar face for the choir. Sue also held a Q&A session with members of the choir following the talk. It was such an honour to have such a legend join us for LGBT+ History Month.

As part of our charitable aims promoting equality and diversity, the session was recorded and edited and can now be found on our Pink Singers YouTube channel.

You can support LGBT+ History Month by buying merchandise from their online store, including some excellent pin badges.

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