5 best bits of the Pinkies Christmas weekender


The now legendary Pink Singers annual weekend away took place a week before Christmas, and was packed with festive delights! After piling on the bus down to Sussex with fellow choir members, the party and workshops started in earnest.
My highlights would have to be:

  • The peaceful, picturesque location offering a welcome change to bustling London
  • Singing choir songs around the camp fire… even if we were ever so slightly out of tune and time… let’s blame the mulled wine for that
  • Learning how to sing well with the brilliant Sam Kenyon, including putting on a country western accent by replacing words with ‘quack’!
  • The meticulously organised and delicious Christmas dinner for 70 people, served by elves and reindeer
  • The price! How they ever managed to organise such a well-catered weekend on such a small budget is just amazing!


Having the opportunity to get to know so many members of the choir – they are such a genuinely great bunch of crazy people and I’m looking forward to more hilarious, fun nights in 2014!

Photographs by Hsien Chew and Simon Pearson

The best film I’ve never seen and the worst film I’ve ever seen

Jess (looking festive)

In the latest of a series of blog posts leading up to our next concert, A Night at the Movies, alto Jess recalls a particularly moving film moment…

I don’t often watch films at home. We all have a far shorter attention span these days, apparently, and when I have other distractions anything longer than The Great Muppet Caper (95 mins) makes me feel I should be doing something useful such as re-arranging the magnetic fridge poetry.

As a result, there are many good films that I’ve simply failed to see. One of the best has surely got to be Apocalypse Now.

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Getting into character for A Night at the Movies

We’re getting a little too excited about our upcoming concert, so much so that this happened:

Can you name all the films we pay tribute to? We can count over twenty…
Got your tickets for A Night at the Movies, yet? If not, hurry – they are selling fast!

Films that mean something: Philadelphia


In the first of a series of blog posts leading up to our next concert, A Night at the Movies, Iain recalls a particularly moving film moment…
I was a 20 year old 1st year medical student when the film “Philadelphia” was released in 1993 and I saw it with my Mum during one of the university holidays – I think it’s probably the only film we’ve seen together in the cinema that features gay characters and it was certainly the first one we’d seen after I had come out earlier that year.

philadelphiaThe film tells the story of a senior lawyer, “Andrew Beckett”, played by Tom Hanks, who begins to suffer from AIDS related illness and then battles discrimination from his employers due to this and his subsequently revealed homosexuality.
It was pretty much the first major Hollywood film to tackle HIV/AIDS and to feature a sympathetic portrait of a gay man played by a big film star. The film tackled prejudice against people with HIV/AIDS head on as well as challenging homophobia and yet did not meet with 100% approval from LGBT people. Many of the scenes of affection between Beckett and his lover (Antonio Banderas) were cut from the film owing to sensitivities around mainstream depictions of gay love and the only way we know that the two are actually physically intimate, is a kiss in the final cut of a scene (shot from behind Banderas’s head so that you can’t actually see their lips touch).
There is one incredibly powerful scene, which has always stayed with me. Beckett is meeting with the lawyer representing him when he is distracted by the music playing in the background: it is Maria Callas singing the aria “La Mamma Morta” from the opera Andrea Chenier by Umberto Giordano. Continue reading “Films that mean something: Philadelphia”

A Night at the Movies – concert tickets on sale now!

Love films? Love soundtracks? Then join the Pink Singers for A Night at the Movies – an audio-visual choral blockbuster at Cadogan Hall on Saturday 25 January 2014.


Experience the magic of cinema from the minute you arrive on the red carpet – with popcorn, usherettes and Hollywood glamour. Featuring over 80 singers, we’ll be performing a host of iconic songs from the silver screen, including Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ride of the Valkyries from Apocalypse Now, Circle of Life from The Lion King and Take My Breath Away from Top Gun.

We’ll be joined on stage by special guests the London Gay Big Band, for an unforgettable evening of eight-part harmonies and big band sounds.

Ticket information

Tickets are available at these price points: £10, 15, 20, 25, 30
And why not treat yourself to the special Red Carpet package and you’ll receive the full star treatment, including a private VIP drinks reception and the best seats in the house, for just £50.
Book your tickets online now or by calling 020 7730 4500.