Let’s celebrate 30 years of the Pink Singers

In 1983 a group of gay and lesbian Londoners gathered in Oval House and, under the guidance of Mark Bunyan and Brian Kennedy, sang a few songs together. They would never have thought that three decades on, the Pink Singers would not only still be around, but bigger and better than ever! In 2013, let’s celebrate 30 years of London’s LGBT community choir. It is going to be great!

Away with LGBT stereotypes!

As we enter the last week of LGBT History Month, we’re revisiting one of the themes of an event which we took part in at the start of February called Queer Question Time. The panel discussed being gay in professional sports, the need for more sportspeople to come out publicly, and how important this is in demonstrating to the wider society that the LGBT community is not made up exclusively of “white able-bodied TV chat show presenters”. Indeed, our community is all about diversity, as is our choir, and we’re not just about singing Glee versions of Madonna classics (as much as we love to!) Here we perform Eric Whitacre’s modern choral work With A Lily In Your Hand, set to words from a poem by Federico García Lorca. Continue reading “Away with LGBT stereotypes!”

A burst of song and a swell of pride


As a seasoned Pinkie — eight years and counting — you would have thought that concerts were a walk in the park for me. Not so. I still feel the nervous excitement before performances. Our concert ‘A Burst of Song’ at Cadogan Hall on 8 January was no exception. We arrived at 1 pm fresh and well hydrated — a tip from the top to help us sing — ready for an afternoon of technical rehearsals and preparation for our concert. Our new Musical Director Murray, the choir’s artistic team and Poppy our Stage Manager made sure that the Pinkies and our guest choir from Manchester both sounded and looked our absolute best. Everyone wanted to put on a pinktastic show.
There was a short break after rehearsals — time to get dressed, ready and psyched up. This was the first concert for some choir members. They were understandably nervous of going on stage in front of family, friends and guests.Established members of the choir tried to put newbies’ fears to rest before we climbed the stairs for our first number. Continue reading “A burst of song and a swell of pride”

Just like a gleeful prayer!

It is safe to say that the majority of Pinkies are also fans of Glee: singing, dancing, what’s not to like? So now the show is back on TV, it is a great time to relive the Pinkie tribute to Madonna’s classic song done show-choir-style at our new year’s concert last Saturday.
If you missed ‘A Burst of Song’, you missed out on ‘Like A Prayer’ and many other great choral pieces. To avoid disappointment, keep Saturday 16 July 2011 free for the post-Pride gay icon themed Pink Singers summer concert which is all about our signature mix of classical, jazz and pop. Sign up to our newsletter, or follow us on your favourite social networking site for all the latest news.
This week’s episode of Glee was called ‘Auditions’ which is remarkably good timing because the summer season starts on Sunday 13 February 2011 and we’re taking on new members. Why not come along and see whether you like being in a choir like ours? Contact Gary for more information (it’s a lot less stressful than the TV show – no solos required) and hope to see you then!

Diary of a Pinkie virgin


Thursday 18 November
8 pm Final rehearsal in London. Pretty confident. I know my words, notes and moves. I have abs of steel from doing Proud Mary 3,000 times in front of the mirror. Roll on Saturday.
Friday 19 November
7 pm The scene on the train from Euston to Manchester is the Titanic in reverse. Everyone is trying to get on, not off. A kind man sits me in first class in a seat that comes with free gin. Things are looking up. Continue reading “Diary of a Pinkie virgin”