The Pink Singers yearbook 2009-2010

The Pinkies are on our summer break at the moment, so now’s the perfect time to sit back and take brief rest. It is also a chance to look back on the year and review what the Pink Singers got up to in winter season 2009 and summer season 2010. It starts at the end of October with the anti-hate-crime vigil in Trafalgar Square and ends in the same place in July with the Pride London rally. En route? Hats, choral competitions, Eurovision, a volcano and lots and lots of singing.
Putting together the yearbook was the joint effort of all the photographers who have helped to capture the Pinkie magic through the seasons, so a really big ‘thank you’ goes to Al, Ben, Hsien, Oskar and Peter. With so many images it was hard to pick the two or three which perfectly encapsulated any one event. Stephen Sondheim’s Send In The Clowns as performed by the Pink Singers helped, of course, as did Michael Derrick’s masterful piano playing. So kick off your shoes, relax, and relive the last year with us.

A Little Of What You Fancy


Something Fishy or a Diva from the Deep Sea?
16th June 2007 saw the advent of our Summer concert at the RAM.
It started off with the Deep C Divas, the lesbian acappella group from Yorkshire. Deep C Divas was formed in 1999 and had performed at Parisian bandstands and the Sydney Opera House. Their repertoire includes everything from traditional folk songs to Chaka Khan (mystical, new age-y?). The set was supposed to be the combination of personal and political, serious and silly, funky and feminist, romantic and raunchy – good lines for a dating website profile! They performed six songs which were Falling, Simple Love, Only One Way, When I Held Your Hand, I Hope and My Girl. Continue reading “A Little Of What You Fancy”

Still Misbehavin’


Hsien sat down with James to have a chat about James’ experience of Still Misbehavin’, our winter concert 2006 and his debut with the Pink Singers.
Hsien: I’m Hsien, the webmaster.
James: And I’m James, I was a new member last season.
H: Absolutely, we’re doing this because James is going to give us his report on what his first choir concert was like.
J: And it was brilliant! I really, really loved it. I was a lot more nervous than I expected.
H: I think that most people have nervous jitters coming up to the concert. I remember my own first concert four years ago – it was terrifying.
J: Yes, terrifying but really exciting at the same time. Having everyone dress up in black and their bit of pink, all that added an extra element. And having friends and all sorts of important people come see the gig, I found that quite exciting. Continue reading “Still Misbehavin’”