Join us in Manchester for ‘We go together’

We Go Together
Don’t miss a great opportunity to hear three of the UK’s leading LGBT choirs in one show. The Pink Singers will be joining forces with the Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus and Gay Abandon from Leeds to present ‘We go together’ later this month.
It promises to be a memorable evening. There’ll be a bit of classical, a bit of soul and a bit of Cole Porter: some traditional folk, some musical theatre and one or two old favourites. Continue reading “Join us in Manchester for ‘We go together’”

Is singing in the choir better than sex?


I think I have just had what the mystics refer to as a peak experience…lasting three months!
You can meditate, practice tantric sex, swim with dolphins, climb mountains, sit in the presence of a wise or holy person – or you can join the Pink Singers, which is what I did in September. I had been looking for something like the Pinkies for 25 years (that’s how old the are!) ever since I left drama school with my first and last taste of choral singing. In the subsequent years music has been a big part of my life, but quietly strumming Van Morrison on the guitar just doesn’t come anywhere close.
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Still Misbehavin’


Hsien sat down with James to have a chat about James’ experience of Still Misbehavin’, our winter concert 2006 and his debut with the Pink Singers.
Hsien: I’m Hsien, the webmaster.
James: And I’m James, I was a new member last season.
H: Absolutely, we’re doing this because James is going to give us his report on what his first choir concert was like.
J: And it was brilliant! I really, really loved it. I was a lot more nervous than I expected.
H: I think that most people have nervous jitters coming up to the concert. I remember my own first concert four years ago – it was terrifying.
J: Yes, terrifying but really exciting at the same time. Having everyone dress up in black and their bit of pink, all that added an extra element. And having friends and all sorts of important people come see the gig, I found that quite exciting. Continue reading “Still Misbehavin’”